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How Landscape Lighting can help increase the safety and value of your home

The effects which you’ll achieve with landscape lighting are simply stunning. Setting them up correctly is a process that is best left up to a specialist, as they know which products to use and how best to arrange them. The specialist will position the fixtures in a way where they are kept away from leaves or debris so they won’t overheat. Light bulbs which burn out will need to be quickly replaced so others that use the same circuit don’t become subject to voltage overloads, which will shorten their service life.

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Sustainable Planting

Planting with a purpose and goal is an effective strategy for responsible landscaping.  Consider the reason you are planting tree before you choose one based on its pretty flowers the day you walk into the nursery.  To be wooed by a beautiful tree is understandable, but a smart planting design is key to a sustainable landscape.  A well-placed shade tree can cut your electric bill in summer months while allowing the sun to warm the same windows in the winter.  Evergreen trees are wonderful wind blocks, as well as screening against the roads and nosey neighbors.  The right tree in the right spot will pay dividends for its life. 

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Sustainable Landscape Planning

Experience counts when building a plan.  It applies to financial plans as well as landscape plans.  Successful planning integrates hindsight and foresight to achieve a specific set of goals.  Essentially, we want our entities to grow, provide us with enjoyment and not become a burden. 

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How to best take care of your lawn?

It is easy to assume that landscapers are a part of “green” industry. The vision of working outdoors, tending to nature, and planting trees and shrubs seems green enough.  Unfortunately, many lawn care companies can do more “ungreen” damage in a day than a single person could do in a lifetime.  

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